About Fx Nutrition

Kia ora (Hello)

FX Nutrition is a team of experts cleaning up the supplement industry. We take pride in supplying clean honest nutritional supplements globally, all manufactured here in clean green New Zealand.

We care what goes into our bodies, and yours.

We know how hard it is to find clean nutritional supplements in retail stores, it’s tough! This challenge inspired us to put in years of hard work to create products from the highest quality ingredients, originating from the cleanest source, then manufactured here in the best place in the world - New Zealand. All of this is to ensure your body is getting the best supplement. We do this because we care.

Making things easy

At FX Nutrition, we believe that getting nutritional supplements containing only the stuff that you are looking for and none of the nasty extras is important, and it should be easy! The FX Nutrition brand is symbolic of our product; clean, pure, and fun. We’re confident that you’ll love our product because what you see is what you get.

Made with the best intentions 

We value products that carry the core nutritional goodness needed by highly active humans, so that’s what we create!

  1. High-quality protein for muscle building and maintenance

  2. Branch chain amino acids, carbohydrates, and electrolytes to drive you through your workout

  3. A mix of green superfood powder helping your body stay fighting-fit

  4. Omega essentials to maintain healthy well-lubricated joints and support your cardiovascular system

From our piece of paradise to you

Aotearoa (New Zealand); clean, green, and simply beautiful. Our country values natural products over artificial nonsense, and that stands true for the team at Fx Nutrition.

Fx Nutrition leverages New Zealand’s world-class capability for producing high-quality ingredients, taking the best that New Zealand has to offer to like-minded humans around the world. Our clean and intensely regulated manufacturing facilities ensure that our outputs are head & shoulders above the competition - something we are proud of, and we want to share it with the world.

We lead the pack

We don’t sell cheap nasties. Period. We make no excuses that our products aren’t cheap. The cost is a true reflection of the premium ingredients, stringent manufacturing, high-quality staff, and extensive research that contributes to producing this product for our customers. Our guarantee is that you get nothing more and nothing less than promised. 

Fx Nutrition creator and consumer,

Jon Brown